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I'd be really interested to hear her take on the intersection between autism spectrum disorder and Borderline personality disorder. As you likely know, the diagnostic criteria for ASD have been recently expanded and diagnoses for ASD have been on the uptick (particularly among women). I've been seeing a trend of (mostly women) claiming that they were misdiagnosed as borderlines when in fact they have ASD, despite the fact that IMO they have few characteristics of what I would call ASD and are probably raging borderlines. Maybe I'm just callous and suspicious, but I'm seeing it as a way for borderlines to try to regain victimhood status. I probably shouldn't, but I resent the hell out of it, sort of like I resent women who dye their hair red calling themselves "redheads".

I've also been just overwhelmed by how much the mental health space has been invaded by radical leftist ideology. I recently attended a book club by an ASD group (out of curiosity) and both presenters had their pronouns in their bio (first warning sign). I, of course, made a social faux pas in my first 5 seconds of introducing myself, when I commented that I had moved to Florida from Oregon, and one of the presenters replied "well, that's quite a move" to which I replied "it's for the better, believe me" and got the raised eyebrows. The irony of making a social faux pas in an ASD group is not lost on me LOL.

One of the next books they're going to read is something on the ideology of fascism, because, you know, it's so relevant in this day and age. It was pretty obvious what they meant by that LOL. Just another sign I'd stumbled into a left-wing echo-chamber.

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