Your “podcast” is spot on and very professional, except for the technical glitches that periodically pop up even in the best of circumstances. I love this and look forward to it every Sunday. I tell my friends and forward it to them at times but to tell you the truth, I think some of them(most of them?) don’t get it. It goes way over their heads. Not me, though. I get it. Love 💗

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OK My sweet angel, sorry I am such a troglodyte... So, in order to "write, say" something on the community I have to buy coins? (I was actually thinking about becoming a Substack Founding member, I think that's $250 - would I still have to buy coins? Ugh, I am such a troglodyte...

Íris Erlingsdóttir Lee

116 9th St W, Northfield, MN 55057

507 501 2551

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OK I'm a member on Substack, cannot get into DIscord. Just went to Rumble and was going to write sth, was told "you have to be a member" - Do I have to be a Rumble member, Substack member, Discord member etc etc?

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