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Yuri Bezmenov told us 40 years ago exactly what would happen. He laid out step by step how Russia had been covertly creating a new generation of American cultural revolutionary youth, and once they were to enter our institutions in adulthood, there would be no way to remove them. Those people then went on to educate the next generation, who are now swimming in Marxist, intersectional theory. There is almost no way to get a degree now without signaling your allegiance to this new religion.

In short - I agree. The trap had been set long ago. Countries like Russia and China understand subversion, group dynamics, and how to destabilize countries far better than we do. They were born of Marxism and Marxism is primarily a study on how to destroy cultures, nations, and institutions using ideology and media. While we were watching sitcoms, and showing up to work, they were plotting. The USA is now critically demoralized, and our history is being rewritten right in front of our faces, just as it was done in Russia and China. I don't think there is anything we can do now.

Things like LGBTQIA+XYZ123 are just covert political movements to enact the revolution. It has almost nothing to do with being gay. It's a method to get young people to adopt a new government approved identity - an identity that will make them abandon their parents culture and beliefs. This is what they did in China with "red, good identities" vs "black, bad identities".

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This deserves a much more substantive response, but the one thought that occurs to me is that in a culture that's child abuse at scale, most of don't like ourselves very much. That is one consequence of child abuse, and often the motivation for it.

Freedom is terrifying if you don't like yourself, because freedom implies responsibility.

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From your mention of the equation of our trajectory from starting conditions, I’m reminded of the Intermediate Value Theorem in math. A continuous path on an interval must contain every point between the endpoints. I’m unsure of what our end point is, but if it’s worse than it is now, it must get worse, and if it’s better than it is now, it must get better. I try to stay optimistic, trying to do my part to make the end better. If not, I get stuck negatively thinking and don’t get anything accomplished.

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I think that if the decay of society is mirroring the decay patterns within our FOOs (Families Of Origin) then what's happening now is the pre-game for western society's very own spectacular 'narc collapse.

If I believed there are any gods actually listening I would be praying for them to prove me wrong.

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When the residents of Mediterranean Avenue wake up and realize they live only one block from Boardwalk, the game is over.

It's about money and manipulation. The change starts there.

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